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A Brief Rant - I enjoy smoking and yes i know it's going to kill me [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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A Brief Rant [Dec. 20th, 2013|12:19 pm]
the community for those who smoke and LIKE IT


Even though this community has been pretty dead for quite a while I thought I would articulate and post some thoughts that have been running through my head the last few days. I have been attending a series of day-long workshops this week and have come in contact with several people who have expressed surprise and only lightly muffled scorn upon learning that I am an unrepentant smoker. Almost as annoying are the three smokers in their twenties who have thought it appropriate to tell me that at my age (I'm 43) I "Need to quit soon before it's too late" and have professed their intention to quit before they hit 40.

You Smoke?

Yes, I smoke. Every day, from the moment I turn off my alarm to right before turning out the light to go to sleep, I deliberately inhale massive amounts of toxic cigarette smoke into the darkest depths of my corrupted lungs. I don't stop there, either. Oh, no, I hold the poisonous gasses in my lungs several seconds so my poor addicted body can absorb even more oxygen-displacing carbon monoxide and brain-stimulating nicotine while yet another layer of carcinogenic tar coats my delicate alveoli. If that wasn't enough, I smoke 40+ high tar and nicotine cigarettes a day. I have done this deliberate self destructive thing for 32 years.

Why? Because I enjoy it. When I was 11 years old and had succeeded n beating my lungs into submission, I finished the pack of cigarettes I had purchased from a vending machine (It only cost a buck!) and told myself that now that I knew what smoking was like I wouldn't continue. After all, why would I want to keep doing something that was so bad for me. A day later I bought another pack of cigarettes and haven't looked back. I knew I was headed for physical and psychological addiction. I knew that I was headed for decreased stamina, a "smokers cough" and all the other nasty stuff my teachers had described to me in such vivid detail. I also knew that, in time, lung cancer, heart disease, and emphysema were possible results of my decision to continue smoking. Now, more than 50 pack years later, I am still smoking and have no desire to quit. No, I don't have the stamina I would have if I had never smoked or had smoked less; but smoking has never prevented me from engaging in any physical activity I wanted. Yes, when I don't smoke for a while I get a slight cough (More of a throat clearing) as my lungs try to get rid of the mucus they have secreted in a futile attempt to fend of the damage I have inflicted. It is annoying and I put an end to it by lighting another cigarette as soon as I can. Chronic sinusitis exacerbated by smoking gives me an impressive morning hack fest and I have to muster all the raw lung power I can to clear the crap out so I can breath without rattling. I can live with all that and intend to as long as I can.

So, yes, I smoke. Yes, it's probably going to kill me. I can live with that.

From: dhevel
2014-07-13 08:59 pm (UTC)


I am 58 and just started smoking regularly in the last year or so. So, you would think I should know better, knowing that adverse health affects. Plus, I had an uncle who died from emphysema, and he was a life long smoker. Yet, I just made the decision and that was it. I now smoke about a pack or so a day, with a couple cigars. I ensure that I inhale as much smoke into my lungs as possible, and hold in there. I want my lungs to be my filter, since I smoke Camel non-filters.

Keep in mind that was an ultra marathon runner, lifted weights and stayed in great shape. Yet, all my life I was psychologically addicted and would on occasion have a cigarette to satisfy my urges. Last year I was diagnosed with cancer, and am "supposed" to be cured. That was what drove me to become a full time smoker. I got cancer when I worked to maintain my health, so if I am going to get it now, I will do it on my own terms.

My health has declined when it comes to physical activity. I went for a walk today and there was a hill. I damn neared died walking up that thing. My chest hurt, my lungs were pounding and I was wheezing. All that did was make me want a cigarette, so as soon as I got back I had to back to back.

So, yes, I too love smoking.
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From: maymay_1004
2014-07-14 06:41 pm (UTC)



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