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Enjoying The Wonders Of Smoke Re-breathing! - I enjoy smoking and yes i know it's going to kill me [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Enjoying The Wonders Of Smoke Re-breathing! [May. 23rd, 2015|04:57 pm]
the community for those who smoke and LIKE IT
I'm sure we've all noticed that non-inhaled cigarette smoke smells harsh and can even sting the eyes, while inhaled smoke tends to be soft, smooth and even sweet-smelling by comparison when it is exhaled - especially mentholated smoke. C'mon, you know you've re-breathed your own exhaled smoke from time to time when no one was looking. It was wonderful - right?! Maybe you French-inhaled it as it left your mouth. It didn't sting the nose as it would when you French-inhale a mouthfull of uninhaled smoke - right?

This is because an amazing change occurs when tobacco smoke is processed through your lungs. I'm not referring to the amazing, pleasurable feelings you immediately experience but, rather, how the characteristics of the smoke itself are beautifully transformed by your magical lungs! The smoke is filtered somewhat as your lungs absorb much of the smoke's ingredients (those great feelings). The smoke is also humidified by the lung's ever-present moisture. And, finally, the smoke exits the lungs with a high concentration of carbon dioxide.

When you combine the filtering, humidifying and carbon dioxide effects you now have a soft, silky-smooth and much sweeter smelling smoke that is unbelievably pleasurable to re-breath in and out - over and over again with no urge to cough. It's really that gentle. But, it's impossible to do by trying to chase your smoke as it disperses into the room. Ha! No, my friend. You must devise a set-up, something simple, to contain the smoke so you can continue to re-breathe it continuously until it needs to be replenished with another one, two, three puffs, etc.

If you're creative you can certainly design your own smoke hood. I devised a very simple, cheap and easy to make set-up utilizing a ball cap, opaque gallon milk jug and some cloth. I cut off the bottom and Gorilla-taped the jug to the cap's brim. I then made a hole on the side of the jug which I use to insert a long cigarette holder through to my lips (a long straw of the correct diameter also works). Then I made a circle of stretchy cloth, about 8 inches wide to seal around the jug and then to the ball cap down to my chin. The cloth, and the areas where the cloth doesn't seal tightly, allow sufficient oxygen flow so you don't need to "come up for air". This way you get plenty of air in the smoke, but the smoke is able to become delightfully thick and, in all honesty, is a major physical turn-on for me. You determine the smoke thickness by how many drags you choose to exhale into your smoke hood.

Now, c'mon, really think about this. As you inhale the 2nd or 3rd drag, you are also inhaling the trapped smoke from previous drags! This gives your lungs an incredibly pleasurable full feeling - I mean really full! Can you imagine now how this would feel in your lungs?! Re-breathing in this manner can truly become for you what is has for me - an exhilarating and physically stimulating thrill. You don't have to hold anything. You simply sit back comfortably, body and arms resting peacefully, as the dense, soothing smoke fills you beyond your wildest dreams. Just puff and breathe slowly - puff and breathe - puff and breathe. God, it's so amazing!! By the way, if you choose to use one hand for something else, well, that's for you to decide. So, to all you adventurous smokers out there, have an amazing time with your smoke hood!! I hope I've helped some of you to enrich your smoking life. If you do give this a try, I'd love to hear if it provided intense pleasure for you as it has for me.

P.S. Unless you're a very experienced smoker, please take this one step at a time. One puff at first, and then don't take another until the device is essentially empty. In short order you'll know if a 2nd, 3rd puff or more is right for you. Make sure the ash will fall onto something fire-safe. The important thing is to completely relax your body and your breathing, and just allow yourself to melt into the smoke cloud. This is a very special time that lasts for just a few minutes, so take full advantage. A recliner can be perfect for this relaxing ritual, but use whatever works best for you.