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I enjoy smoking and yes i know it's going to kill me

thank you for your friendly reminder, ASSHOLE

the community for those who smoke and LIKE IT
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This is a community for those who smoke and enjoy smoking and don't really feel like quitting.

This community is for smokers AND non-smokers who support the right for people to smoke.


1. No bitching about people who smoke, no interrogations. You want to debate smoking? Create a new community. *This* community is a SMOKING SAFE SPACE. It was created to allow people to discuss smoking in peace and to have a place where we don't have to defend ourselves like we have to do so often in daily life. This is our safe haven where people of like minds may come to-gether. Questions regarding this rule may be e-mailed to prosmokers@gmail.com.

2. There are laws in place about underage smoking and such...we don't care if you're underage, but please do not broadcast it if you are.

3. Please, no advertisements for other communities. If you wish to appeal to members of this community in their own journals, that's your prerogative, but any advertising posts in this community will be deleted.

4. Flaming and other nastiness is NOT tolerated. We as the mods reserve the right to ban any member without warning should we see any of this sort of thing going on. All nasty posts and/or comments will be immediately deleted upon discovery. This is, by far, the strictest rule of this community.

5. Though trolls are inevitable in any community, we request that said trolls be ignored and not fueled by replies, as such retaliation is completely unecessary - we will handle it. This is simply a request - not a rule, but we also reserve the right to delete any comment thread that is sparked by trolls.

6. Quitting smoking sucks, but if you're an established member of this community and you want to quit smoking, more power to you. We may joke a bit about quitters and missing out, etc, but it's a wicked tough thing to do and we support you. Also, please don't feel you have to leave the community if you quit! If it's too difficult to read daily about others smoking, we'll understand, but this community is for both smokers and non-smokers alike.

7. All posts in English only, please.

that's really it...our principal desire is to maintain order in a friendly and informative environment, but we really hate being hardasses about it. just use (not so) common sense, people :)

Feel free to post pictures of yourself smoking *behind an lj cut, please* or debate smoking and anti smoking laws.

got questions??? there's a good chance there's already been a handful of posts about many subjects related to smoking, so please check our memories section for possible answers. Got further questions/comments? Feel free to post 'em! We're always up for a good, friendly debate.

The community is moderated by:
kaetien, Crew Chief.

iscari0t, impromptu, in the modern style.

and all graphic design is care of salicyclic, inspiration for Dolly Pond. woo!

Please note that doesanyoneknow/shitblowsover has been fondly dubbed The pro_smokers Community Asshole, aka the Snarkmaster of Doom. Take any comment he makes to you with a grain of salt, as he egotistically believes that the best cigarettes are Kamel Reds and that all menthol cigarettes/smokers are the embodiment of Satan. He's been with us since near the beginning and his bark is worse than his bite. See this post for an adequate example of his normal antics. Consider yourselves warned :)

Sister Community: clove_addicts.

smoking is love
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Take a Virtual Smoke Break.