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smoking in (*almost) as much indoor paradise as you'll find anymore, aka Las Vegas - I enjoy smoking and yes i know it's going to kill me [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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smoking in (*almost) as much indoor paradise as you'll find anymore, aka Las Vegas [Mar. 27th, 2015|02:37 pm]
the community for those who smoke and LIKE IT


*- Meaning there are some non-ban places left in states without statewide bans, but that such places are getting rarer to find. And usually, bigger cities and college towns have passed bar smoking bans, with some limited exceptions here and there.

Anyway for more populated cities, it's getting rarer to find populated cities and states with sensible laws not prohibiting smoking in bars and other adult-only establishments(I.e. Indiana), or sometimes areas with almost no restrictions(I.e. the Northern Kentucky counties south of Cincinnati). And of course in ban areas, sometimes you'll run into a rare 'smokeasy' that doesn't enforce a bar smoking ban.

That said, Las Vegas was awesome! I think I only spotted a handful of bars along the Strip that were no smoking, and the majority of bar and casino areas still allowed smoking, which was a throwback to the mid-2000s but fun. Cigarettes aren't expensive, and I even saw at least one casino(forget which one) which had people walking around selling cigs. :) Even their airport has indoor lounges where you can smoke post-security(not to mention slot machines on top, and I'm very little into that OTOH), which is VERY RARE for any airport to have nowadays. And so great, when you're getting annoyed by the stress of being in an aiport. I wish more parts of the country were still as smoker-friendly, but hopefully I'll return to Vegas one of these days. I know it's unfortunately getting bad in more and more places(heck, New Orleans shockingly just passed a bar and casino ban, though there is talk about amending it for their casinos), but hopefully I'll get to Vegas several more times before that might be gone, for all I know.

[User Picture]From: theidolhands
2015-03-27 08:56 pm (UTC)
Nice report!

I still like how people can let their kids run nuts and blather on cell phones, but I'm not allowed to walk and quietly smoke in the park at the same time. You know where there is PLENTY of fresh air. However, I did smoke before I realized there was a ban on the entire park (as far as I know).

I'm always seeking a nice spot for a cigar in San Francisco.

Edited at 2015-03-27 08:58 pm (UTC)
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[User Picture]From: nowthatsbleach
2015-04-11 10:19 pm (UTC)
Yep, so the truth about outdoor smoking bans, and kids. I'll still (now illicitly, sadly) smoke in parks, despite stupid outdoor smoking prohibitions in whatever municipalities that were stupid enough to enact them. I imagine it must not be easy to find places that are cigar friendly in San Francisco, regardless if it's on some patio of a bar, or at a traditional cigar bar/shop. Take care, and good luck finding those places.
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[User Picture]From: gringo_in_tj
2015-03-28 12:47 am (UTC)
I hate Las Vegas now, loved it decades ago. In Baja, they outlawed smoking in bars, it pissed me straight off. However, this little section of town where I live? They allow it, along with prostitution. Large U.S. cities should consider this as well, just rope off an area and let it go. The cool thing about living right next to the border? Duty Free. Two cartons of cigarettes, $10 per carton. Freedom is where you find it.
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[User Picture]From: nowthatsbleach
2015-04-11 10:26 pm (UTC)
Nice to hear you can get cigs, duty free. I can imagine some people dislike the commercialized way Vegas has been becoming, vs. past decades. Hard to believe where you live in Baja Califronia, that smoking was prohibited in bars. I'd thought if anything where you lived, Baja would still allow adult only bars and businesses to decide on their smoking policy. In Chicago and in other parts of Illinois, a limited number of bars still ignore the smoking ban, but those are few and far between. Dunno where I can find legalized prostitution though locally, lol. Will definitely agree that freedom is where you find it!
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[User Picture]From: gringo_in_tj
2015-04-11 11:09 pm (UTC)
State legislature in Baja decided to ban smoking in bars, restaurants, etc. a few years back. However, we live in perhaps the sketchiest part of Tijuana, Zona Norte or Zona Libre as they call it. Prostitution is illegal in Mexico (in spite of anything you read elsewhere, trust me, I've lived here a very long time), but in this four-block area it is sort of a controlled ignorance on behalf of law enforcement (they even make the hookers get health cards). Similarly, while smoking is banned in bars elsewhere in Tijuana, here in this little patch of debauchery you can walk into a bar and order up a beer and an ashtray, and they comply.

It isn't that there is no police presence here in this area - it's the opposite. More cops here than anywhere else. They simply endeavor to control the chaos. And more often than not, they are successful.
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